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Secret 327 | Valliyan & Masaba | Shops | Kala Ghoda | Mumbai

Secret #327 / Shops

Valliyan & Masaba

Bohemian Rhapsody

Secret 327 | Valliyan & Masaba | Shops | Kala Ghoda | Mumbai
Where did that come from? We were exploring the restaurants and art galleries of Kala Ghoda when we discovered something both out of place and perfectly placed! Valliyan & Masaba new boutique was sandwiched among a handful of eateries on all sides. This felt quite right though since walking around the charmingly minimalist store of clothes and jewelry we found everything quite yummy indeed. The two co-owners of the shop felt (quite rightly we thought) that their individual pieces, Jewelry from Valliyan and clothing from Masaba, complimented each other very well. Come find the shop that's hidden in plain sight, you'll eat it all up!

P.S. Have a look at Valliyan's pieces here and Masaba's collections here.

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