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Secret 169 | Greko | Restaurants | Bandra West | Mumbai
Was that what we thought it was? The tang of oregano, transporting us from the Carter Road strip to the herb-studded hills of a Cycladic isle? We followed our twitching nostrils, and then we found it. We'd uncovered Greko, a little corner of Greek cuisine tucked away in Bandra. This hospitable little eatery offers quick and satisfying variations on gyros - like a Greek version of shawarma – and hearty béchamel-topped moussaka. To refresh our palates, the chef (an Aussie!) urged us to try the mouthwatering salad of watermelon and salty feta cheese.

P.S. Vegetarians - try the pitaroudia, which substitute chicken for chickpea-patties in a sauce-lashed pita pocket.


Bandra West
Ground Floor Gagangiri Bldg Carter Road
+91 9870505737
Published on:
26 June 2013

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